Queen: Under Review 1946-1991 - The Freddie Mercury Story (видео) - (2007)

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Queen: Under Review 1946-1991 - The Freddie Mercury Story (видео) - (2007)
  • Год: 2007
  • Создатель кинофильма: -
  • Перевод : Дублирование
  • Длительность: 67 мин. / 01:07
  • Рейтинг: 93.6
  • Актёры: Уэйн Слип, Малкольм Доме, Paul Gambaccini, Мик Уолл, Питер Стрингфеллоу
  • Страна: США
  • Имя фильма: Queen: Under Review 1946-1991 - The Freddie Mercury Story (видео)
  • Описание фильма: Format: DVD Having watched and been somewhat impressed by several of the 'Under Review' series I thought I'd give this one a bash. Queen 'Under Review' 1 and 2 were both pretty lightweight affairs but were interesting enough to hold your attention over the course of a couple of hours. Personally, there wasn't enough about the actual music for me and people like Paul Gambaccini churning out the same old anecdotes was a little grating at times but like I say, I'm a Queen fan so I was entertained enough.
    This however, really is a cacophony of barrels being scraped. Interviews by far less appealing people than on the other releases and footage that you'll have seen a million times over by now does not make for a good DVD. Some clips of Freddie being interviewed are actually recorded with a camera pointed at a television (seriously) and points that have been mulled over a million times before are dragged out again.
    At about an hour in length this is a fairly substandard release. Nothing is really covered that wasn't covered in Queen 'Under Review' 1 and 2 and the albums (Mr. Bad Guy and Barcelona) are skipped over all too quickly.
    This could have been a very interesting release had it actually involved people who knew what they were talking about. the inclusion of a couple of Freddie impersonators was completely misguided in my opinion. Budget restraints make them look seriously one guy in particular prancing around his front room makes for pretty squirm-inducing stuff.
    To sum it up, grab the other earlier releases or just go on youtube and check out some clips there, but save yourself a tenner and give this one a miss. Not a complete disaster but inconsequential and pretty badly produced. A disappointment.
  • Качество: HD
  • Просмотры: 668
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