Lost Lake - (2012)

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Lost Lake - (2012)
  • Год: 2012
  • Создатель кинофильма: Маркус Нэш
  • Перевод : MVO
  • Длительность: -
  • Рейтинг: 93.2
  • Актёры: С.Дж. Хэммел, Эзра Баззингтон, Кимберли Стюарт, Кэти Кин, Пэт МакНили, Брайан Дуллаган, Шерри Уэстон, Джон Шартцер, Andy Ledesma
  • Страна: США
  • Имя фильма: Lost Lake
  • Описание фильма: Uncle Vern (Ezra Buzzington) is ghost hunting in an almost deserted town called Lost Lake near Death Valley. He has been out of contact for a while so his niece Patricia (Katie Keene) and her fiance (John Shartzer) travel to the desert town to find him. As it turns out, they go ghost hunting and get caught up in the local ghost saga.
    The movie is essentially three people with a mute fourth from time to time. It is a combination ghost story/slasher film that needed something else, another character, some goofy dialog, etc. The production became boring before the climax, which wasn't half think, because they shot it at night with very little light. Other than that, I thought the quality of the filming was decent for a low budget. The basic plot outline was good, but it needed better character and detail. How did Tricia nightmares relate to the story? It seems they just put that in there to hold our interest.
    Okay rental if you like ghost stories.
    Parental Guide: F-bomb. No sex. Rear nudity/side breast (Katie Keene)
  • Качество: DVD
  • Просмотры: 456
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