091 Polica al habla - (1960)

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091 Polica al habla - (1960)
  • Год: 1960
  • Создатель кинофильма: Хосе Мария Форке
  • Перевод : Любительский многоголосый закадровый
  • Длительность: 96 мин. / 01:36
  • Рейтинг: 74.4
  • Актёры: Сусана Кампос, Пилар Кано, Мария Луиса Мерло, Адольфо Марсильяч, Франциско Корнет, Хосе Луис Лопес Васкес, Луис Пенья, Javier Fleta, Тони Лебланк, Маноло Гомес Бур
  • Страна: Испания
  • Имя фильма: 091 Polica al habla
  • Описание фильма: MOVIE SYNOPSIS - Where can I watch it and what's the story of this 1960 film?
    You can watch 091, polica al habla, full movie on FULLTV - A police inspector in charge of night service from a patrol car attending emergency calls. A memory haunts him, the death of his daughter hit by a car that fled the scene. When the car is located, the inspector goes to arrest the owner. Those interested can watch 091, polica al habla online on video-on-demand services (Netflix), pay-TV or movie theaters with original audio in Spanish. This film has been premiered in theaters in 1960 ( Movies 1960 ). The DVD and Blu-Ray edition of full movie was sold some time after its official release in theaters.
    CAST 091, polica al habla (1960)
    Adolfo Marsillach Filmography
    Tony Leblanc Filmography
    Susana Campos Filmography
    Jos Luis Lpez Vzquez Filmography
    Manolo Gmez Bur Filmography
    Mara Luisa Merlo Filmography
    Francisco Cornet Filmography
    Javier Fleta Filmography
    Pilar Cano Filmography
    Luis Pea Filmography
    Manuel Alexandre Filmography
    Mara Laso Filmography
    Ana Castor Filmography
    ngel de Andrs Filmography
    Julia Gutirrez Caba Filmography
    Only movie characters. Not includes secondary actors.
    MOVIE REVIEW online
    Good, meet its target to entertain. The story is interesting.

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