Creating the Lord of the Rings Symphony: A Composer's Journey Through Middle-Earth (видео) - (2004)

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Creating the Lord of the Rings Symphony: A Composer's Journey Through Middle-Earth (видео) - (2004)
  • Год: 2004
  • Создатель кинофильма: Пьер Сегуен
  • Перевод : Дублирование
  • Длительность: 52 мин.
  • Рейтинг: 89.2
  • Актёры: Говард Шор
  • Страна: Канада
  • Имя фильма: Creating the Lord of the Rings Symphony: A Composer's Journey Through Middle-Earth (видео)
  • Описание фильма: Howard Shore - Creating The Lord of the Rings Symphony A Composer's Journey Through Middle-earth Includes excerpts of live concert footage from The Lord of the Rings Symphony: Six Movements for Orchestra, Chorus and Soloists, documentary commentary by Howard Shore, and the illustrations of Alan Lee and John Howe.
    The concert footage was recorded live with the Montreal orchestra at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Place des Arts, Montreal, Canada in February 2004.
    1:31 Prologue
    5:24 The Shire
    8:59 The Black Riders
    11:32 The Fellowship
    13:50 The Bridge Of khazad-Dum
    16:26 Lothlorien
    18:21 Isengard
    19:38 The Breaking Of The Fellowship
    22:31 Smeagol
    23:26 Rohan
    25:55 shadowfax
    27:03 Treebeard
    29:21 The March Of The Ents
    30:40 Hope And Memory
    32:24 The Lighting Of The Beacons
    34:51 Anduril
    37:07 The Destruction Of The ring
    39:46 The Fellowship Reunited
    43:39 The Grey Havens
    It must be frustrating for film composers sometimes. They spend months or sometimes years crafting an exquisite score for a film, it gets recorded and that's it. They can hear it any time the film is viewed, or perhaps there might be an accompanying CD release they can listen to, but generally you'd imagine that once the composer has finished his work on a film, he will move onto something new, perhaps borrowing elements of an existing score for a new one, but never really getting the chance to play the score in its entirety ever again.
    The score for the Lord Of The Rings trilogy is, much like the rest of the film, a little different. For starters it is really three film scores in one. It is a multi-award winning score as well, claiming two Academy Awards for the composer, Canadian Howard Shore. It is also, thanks to Shore's commitment to this project, a score that is going to live on for some time to come.
    It has been turned into a two hour symphony, played by a full orchestra and choir with iconic Alan Lee illustrations projected on a screen for the audience to enjoy. The performance contained in this 50 minute abridged version was recorded at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Place des Arts in Montreal Canada in February 2004.
    The appreciative and large audience is treated to a full six movements with the orchestra, chorus, and soloists joined by conductor Howard Shore performing elements of the film score. Instantly recognisable movements from the Shire, The Black Riders, The Mines of Moria, the beautiful Rohan theme, and many others instantly bring an image from the film into your mind, such is the power of the score. For those that may need a little reminder of where certain movements lie, the Alan Lee illustrations projected onto a large screen at the back of the stage will help immensely.
    Scattered between the various movements is footage of Howard Shore at work recording the original score for the film with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and also speaking to camera, explaining his thought processes in creating the score.
  • Качество: BD
  • Просмотры: 686
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